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Bill The Dog Walker

Cleveland’s premier dog walking

service since 1999


We have been serving the greater Cleveland area since 1999, specializing in mid-day walks while you are at work.



 A walk/visit includes bringing in the mail or newspaper, feeding, watering, turning on and off lights, cleaning litter boxes, the walk, and of course love! We can also accommodate other requests you may have. 

All walks are between 10-15 minutes, unless

more time is requested with a 5-minute add-on. 

Any walks canceled after 9:00 AM the day-of, will

still be charged.

Weekday mid-day walk

Mid-day Weekday walks are our specialty since 1999. Can't be

  home in the day cause of work?We've got you covered!

(11am-3pm, walks outside midday hours are $20)

$12 per walk

$15 per puppy walk

Dog/Owner coaching

     We offer professional coaching       aimed towards giving you the tools   to take habits that your dog already

  has and make them serve you

$70 per session

20 Minute walk add-on

If you need your dogs walk to be extended to 20 minutes, we've got you covered!

$5 add-on per walk

Dog Jog/Runs

Some dogs just have extra energy to exert, so walks won't alway cut it! 

$15 Weekdays

$25 Weekends

Pet sitting

If you've got a business trip, vacation

family gathering, day trip. . Well you get the point, we've got you covered

when you're out of town!

per availability 

Holiday or Weekend visits

Need a weekend or holiday walk?

 Don't sweat it, we've got you

   covered there as well! Just let us     know a couple days in advance.

$20 per walk



We know that having a new face walk your dog every week can be a hassle for both you and your dog, so we set you up with one of our walkers specific to your area! A meet and greet will allow you and your dog to meet YOUR specific walker and get to know them before any walks are made!

Fill out our quick and easy form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

+1 (866) 950-DOGS

Got it! We will be in touch soon.

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